Girl excited about online banking.

Did you know your Online & Mobile Banking could do this...

1. Turn your debit card on and off.

Have you ever misplaced your debit card, so you cancel your card only to find it the next day? Join the club! Instead of cancelling your card, you can temporarily turn your debit card off using your mobile app. That way, when you find it, you can just turn it back on again rather than having to change all of your card information. 
Fun Fact: You can also use this feature as an extra level of security by turning your card off when you are not using it.  Turn it back on right before you make a purchase. This way you will never have to worry about someone else using your debit card number to make purchases. Click here for instructions.

2. Transfer money to an account at a different bank or financial institution. 

You can transfer money easily to another financial institution by using our External Transfers capability in Online Banking or in the Dieterich Bank Mobile App.  If you want this transfer to occur on a regular basis, you can even set up a recurring external transfer. Learn More about External Transfers.

3. Sign up for eDocuments right from your Online Banking Account.

Did you know that you now have the ability to access your last 24 months of account statements simply by logging on to Online Banking?
To sign up for eDocuments: 
  1. Log in to your digital banking
  2. Click "Statements" in the Account Services area.
  3. Select an account, or click "Select All" if you wish to register all accounts for eDocuments.
  4. You will be presented with eDocument Terms & Conditions.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Terms & Conditions and select "View Test Document" (this will download a pdf).
  6. Select "Select All" for accepting the Terms & Conditions.
  7. Select "Accept Terms & Conditions." 

4. Deposit a check with your Smartphone.

Save a trip to the bank by depositing checks from your smartphone or tablet. It is fast, easy and secure! 
How to use Mobile Check Deposit:
  1. Endorse your check. Below your signature, write “For Mobile Deposit Only.”
  2. Open your Dieterich Bank mobile app.
  3. Select "Deposit Checks" from the menu. 
  4. Select a deposit account. 
  5. Capture the front and back of the check with your phone's camera. 
  6. Input the check deposit amount. 
  7. Review any errors/corrections that need to be made and click "Submit." 
  8. Verify the deposit and click "Confirm."
  9. A confirmation message will appear. 

5. Customize your Online and Mobile Banking Dashboard.

Make your Dieterich Bank Online Banking & Mobile Banking App look just the way you want it! Add features you want to use and move them to the top of your screen for easier access or remove the clutter by hiding features you do not use.
  1. Select "Manage Profile" on your mobile app or online banking account.
  2. Look under "Application Settings" for dashboard customization options