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Frequently Asked Questions

Debit Cards

Why was I assessed an ATM fee?
Foreign Transaction fees are assessed for using an ATM not owned by Dieterich Bank or within our network of ATMs. The other Financial Institution may also charge a fee for utilizing their ATM. Fees for using an international ATM fee are non-refundable. We have several checking account options that offer ATM fee refunds if monthly qualifications are met. Click here to learn more about these checking accounts! 

Are there daily spending limits on my debit card? Can I change them?
Dieterich Bank has placed daily transaction limits on our customers' debit cards for ATM withdrawals and point of sale transactions in order to protect your funds should your card be lost or stolen. We have made it convenient and easy for YOU to increase your point of sale transaction limit at any time through online banking. If you do not have online banking, simply contact a retail location or Customer Care to assist you.

I received a text message and/or phone call concerning suspected fraud on my account. Why did I receive this message?
When a potentially suspicious transaction is made, we will send you a text or call you to ask you to verify the transaction. Just follow the prompts to notify us if the transaction was unauthorized and we will take the necessary steps to protect your funds.

How can I report a lost or stolen debit card and get a replacement?

To report a lost of stolen debit card, please call our Customer Care Team during business hours at (800) 699-9766. To cancel a card outside of business hours, please contact (844) 202-5333. You may also turn the card off through online banking using the card management option to prevent further losses. Simply choose the card you want to turn off and click "turn off". Cards canceled through these methods cannot be reactivated.

If you need a replacement card, simply visit any branch location to have a new card printed instantly! If you notice that there are unauthorized charges on your account, please contact a branch location or Customer Care immediately for assistance.

How can I get a replacement card if my card is worn out or not working properly?
You can stop by any branch location to have a new card printed instantly. If you are unable to stop by a branch location, contact Customer Care at (800) 699-9766 to have a card ordered and mailed to you directly.

I’ve forgotten my PIN. How do I find out what it is?
You can stop by any branch location to change your PIN number linked to your debit card. You can also change the PIN through online banking or call (877) 965-3344 and follow the prompts.

Why is there a $1 transaction on my account? When will it drop off?
Transactions that are listed as $1 are usually preauthorization’s from businesses. Businesses run this transaction in a small amount to ensure that your debit card is working. These transactions usually are reversed at the end of the third business day after it the account was debited.


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