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Easily move your money between Dieterich Bank accounts & your accounts at other banks using Online or Mobile Banking!


Where can I find the External Transfers option within digital banking? 

The External Transfer feature is located within "Move Money" located under "Pay, Transfer and Receive" tab in the menu bar on digital banking. You will then select “New Transaction” under the Move Money section and “Transfer” is an option inside that window.

How do I add a new external account? 

  • Log into Digital Banking
  • Select the “Move Money” tab from the menu
  • In the “My Payees” section, select the “+” in the top right hand corner.
  • Choose “External Account” when asked what kind of account it is.
  • Fill in the requested information.
  • Click “save”
  • You will be required to verify the new external account by completing a transaction challenge.

What is a transaction challenge? 

A transaction challenge is the verification method that must be completed by the customer when a new external account is set up in digital banking. The system creates 2 small credits and 1 small debit that the customer will use to confirm they entered the correct account information.

How do I verify an account using the transaction challenge verification method? 

  • Log into Digital Banking
  • Select the “Move Money” tab in the menu
  • Select the external account that needs verified.
  • Select “Verify External Account.”
  • Fill in the amounts from the test transaction that was sent to the account.
  • Once the correct information is entered, the account will be available for transfers.

How long does the transaction challenge verification take? 

This process can take 1-2 days for the account to be verified. 

How do I create an external transfer? 

  • Log into Digital Banking
  • Select “Move Money” from the menu
  • Select the account you are taking the money from
  • Select the loan or account you are transferring the money to
  • Complete the requested information and select “continue”
  • Review the Confirmation Screen and click “submit.”

Can I use the external transfer feature to pay a loan payment? 

Yes, you can pay your loan payment using external transfers. Just select the loan you would like to pay as the account the money is going to.

Can I schedule a recurring external transfer? 

Yes, to create a recurring external transfer, you will select how often you want the transfer to occur and when you want the recurring transfer to end.