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Fee Schedule 

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account. 

Check Printing Fee depends on style and quantity of check order.

1. Applicable to checking accounts and waived on consumer accounts if account holder is over 65 years old or account maintains a daily balance over $5,000.
2. Applicable only to checking accounts. A checking account is inactive if, for one year, you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account.
3. A checking or savings account is dormant if, for two years, you have made no deposits or withdrawals to the account.
4. The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means: check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means. 
5. No Maximum Daily Overdraft Fee Limit on business accounts
6. Assessed when the account is overdrawn for 10 consecutive calendar days and 20 consecutive calendar days.
7. Assessed upon receipt of a returned statement until address is updated on account.
Fees effective as of  7/22/2022 and subject to change