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 Is managing your money becoming too time consuming for your business?

If so, we have solutions for you.

What type of cash management are you looking for?

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Cash Management Accounts

Business Analysis Account

Businesses who have a high activity of transactions along with moderate to higher balances in their checking accounts will find our Business Analysis Checking Account to be the perfect fit. Your business can utilize this account to streamline statements and enhance record keeping. You can even combine this account with our cash management services to gain earnings credits that help counter balance fees.

Business Zero Account 

Manage transactions from a single account. With Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) from Dieterich Bank, you minimize idle balances by concentrating funds in a single account, and automatically transferring funds to and from your linked account on a nightly basis. Streamline daily cash management, cash accounting, and reconciliation processes. For a small monthly fee, a business can offset their internal bookkeeping costs associated with multiple manual account transfers.

Business Sweep Repurchase

Our Business Sweep Repurchase account (Repo Account) helps businesses who commonly retain more than $250,000 in their account manage their excess funds. Pre-determine a target balance, and at the end of each business day funds above that balance will be automatically swept from your Operating Account to the Repo Account that earns a competitive interest rate. This account combines the safety of an investment in government securities with the liquidity of daily maturity.

Online Cash Management

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Electronically collect payments from your customers for either single-entry or recurring payments by directly debiting your customer's checking or saving accounts. ACH payments are an efficient and cost- reducing alternative to paper checks and credit cards. This is perfect for direct deposit of payroll.

Instructions to Access the ACH Rules

2024 Processing Calendar

ACH Originator Guide

Learn about Positive Pay and the Benefits of Positive Pay

Wire Transfers

When you need to move money, there's no faster, safer, or more accurate way to do it than via wire transfer. We can move your funds anywhere you need them so you can get back to your business.

Receiving a wire transfer

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time and expense running back and forth to the bank to make deposits with this convenient service. With Remote Deposit Capture, you can scan your checks and deposit them electronically without even leaving your office. The funds will be credited to your account sooner and you can stay focused on getting the work done without having to send someone to the bank.

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