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Are you starting a business, looking to expand, or do you just need a little help covering operating expenses? No matter what your needs, Dieterich Bank's loan officers can get the perfect loan set up for your business.

Learn how you can partner with Dieterich Bank. Get in touch with us, visit one of our convenient locations, or call us at (800) 699-9766 to get started!
What type of loan are you looking for?



Equipment Loans

You can't run a business without the proper equipment. Whether you're farming the land, running a restaurant, or building skyscrapers, we can help you get what you need to succeed. Upgrade your old gear or get those tools you don't have yet. We can get you the funds you need with an Equipment Loan.


Real Estate Loans

Your business has outgrown your current space, so start looking for a new office with a little help from Dieterich Bank. Our Real Estate Loans offer reasonable rates and many different options to make your payments affordable. Below are our different types of Real Estate Loans.

Construction Loans
Term Loans
Capital Improvement
It would be nice if you could find the perfect building in the perfect location to fit all your needs. But the world doesn't always work that way. So why not build your own building? Let us finance your project so you can make that perfect location become more than just a dream. Our professional loan officers can help you through the whole process and will make sure you get a deal that will leave you confident you made the right decision. Just like your home mortgage, we offer loans for equipment, real estate and working capital with fixed interest rates, and monthly repayment schedules to a set maturity date. Upgrade your existing business with a Capital Improvement Loan from Dieterich Bank. When you're ready to expand or need to make some repairs, we can provide the financing to make it happen. Let us give you a helping hand through the tough times so your company can come out bigger and stronger.

Working Capital

Every business has its ups and downs, and everyone needs help at one time or another. If business is a little slow and you need cash to stay afloat, come to us. We can offer you financing so you can cover operating expenses until business picks back up, with a low interest rate so you can pay it back without hurting your bottom line. Have a revolving line of credit to cover your operating expenses when you need it. 


Operating Line of Credit
Permanent Working Capital

It’s normal for businesses to occasionally have urgent short-term needs for additional cash. Come talk to us about getting access to an ongoing source of funds to help manage cash flow, pay bills and otherwise maintain the daily operations of your business. Do you need a long term loan outside of seasonal variances? We can help you fund permanent working capital needs that may have been created by business growth, replacement of previously-funded short term debt, or capital that previously was funded by equity.

Ag Lending 

Dieterich Bank knows that Agriculture is a very important part of our local economy. We have been servicing the Illinois area for almost a century, and farms and other local agricultural clients have been a big part of our business. Contact us if it is equipment, real estate, or operating credit you need.

Equipment Loan
Real Estate Loan
Farm Operating Line of Credit
Maybe in the old days you would work the land with just a little elbow grease, but in this day and age it takes a lot of tools and equipment to get the job done — and that can cost quite a bit. Let us help you get the tools you need with an Equipment Loan. We'll set you up with an affordable loan and payments that fit your budget. Of course, you can't work the land without some land to work. So if you're looking to purchase some real estate, come see your friends at Dieterich Bank. We will get you started! Planting the seeds of a successful business doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes you need a helping hand to purchase farm equipment or to cover operating costs. With an Operating Line of Credit, you no longer have to apply for each individual loan. Instead, you can enjoy access to these funds whenever you need them, so you can pay for big purchases.

IFA Program  

Buying farmland for the first time? Dieterich Bank has partnered with the Illinois Finance Authority to provide young and experienced farmers access to financing at competitive terms. The IFA's Beginning Farmer Bond Program supports first-time land purchases with affordable financing.