A debit card being exchanged during a transaction at a store counter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stopping Transactions

How can I stop a payment?
A stop pay may be placed on outstanding checks and/or ACH items that have not cleared your account. A Stop Payment Request Form is required. The request may be initiated through online banking, contacting Customer Care, or visiting a branch location however will require a written signature to extend the length of the stop pay.

How can I stop or dispute an unauthorized debit that is posting to my account?
A Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit can be completed at any branch location. Our Customer Care team can answer any questions you may have before coming into a branch to sign the form.

How can I stop a debit card transaction that is posting to my account?

By law, we are unable to stop debit card transactions from posting to your account. If you identify an unauthorized debit card transaction(s), follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your card through Online Banking or contact Customer Care to deactivate your card immediately.
  • Contact the merchant and try to resolve the matter.
  • Continue to monitor your account closely.
  • If the transaction(s) post to your account, you may dispute the transaction(s) through Online Banking, contacting Customer Care, or by visiting a branch location.