We understand the importance of your digital banking experience, so we’re here to help!

Dieterich Bank’s digital banking will soon have a new look and feel! We realize these services are essential to your business every day, so we are striving to create minimal disruption to you and your business during and after our system upgrade. Our Treasury Team is also here to assist you with any questions or challenges you may encounter. You are welcome to contact us by emailing treasury@dieterichbank.com or contact a member of our Treasury Team directly!

First Look at our NEW Digital Banking! 

While change can be alarming, especially when it involves business banking, we hope that a first look at the new digital banking platform can ease some of your concerns. Select the "Digital Banking Demo" link in the side column to view the new online banking platform. This is just a demo site, so you can click around, see how it looks, and find some of the features you use most, but none of your information will be available for viewing at this time.

Digital Banking Resources

For additional guidance after the upgrade, Dieterich Bank is giving all customers access to a digital version of our Business Online & Mobile Banking User Guide and Business Banking Video Playlist. These resources include information on Sub-Users, ACH, Wires, Reports, Positive Pay, and Alerts. A link to this user guide is located in the side column on this page. 

Meet Your Treasury Team 

Jen Shaw
(618) 416-9932 
Dave Brown 
Treasury Management Officer 
(217) 540-1948
Joyce Flood
Director of Treasury Management
(217) 540-1967