Are you looking for a way to grow your high-balance bank account without sacrificing access to your funds or risking loss in the stock market? You may not be aware of the interest checking account options available to you. In this article, we’ll break down what to look for when choosing the best interest checking account in Metro East St. Louis and Southwest Illinois.

Look for higher interest rates

If you’re looking for High Interest Checking in Metro East, keep in mind that many interest-earning checking accounts have a tiered interest rate, meaning you can earn a higher rate depending on your average daily balance. If you tend to have a high checking account balance, you can enjoy the liquidity of keeping that money in a checking account while still earning a competitive interest rate and other rewards. Finding the right checking account, such as Extreme Green Checking from Dieterich Bank, can make a world of difference. Here’s a breakdown of the tiered interest rates in our best interest checking account:

  • Earn 4.0% APY on account balances up to $10,000.
  • Earn 4.0% - 0.20% APY on additional balances OVER $10,000.
  • Earn 0.10% APY on all balances if qualifiers are not met

Qualify for our best rate each month by making at least 10 debit card transactions, accessing Online Banking at least once, maintaining a positive average daily balance, and receiving direct deposit or ACH debit. Only $25 minimum deposit to open an Extreme Green Checking account.

Access your bank account 24/7 with online and mobile banking


When it comes to finding the best interest bank account in Illinois, don’t overlook the importance of 24/7 digital account access. Online and mobile banking tools can help you get the most out of your high interest checking account by saving you time. You will also be able to check your account balance and latest transactions from anywhere, at any time, to prevent overdrafts and quickly flag any erroneous or suspicious transactions. At Dieterich Bank, all our checking accounts, including Extreme Green Checking, come with the following electronic banking tools:

  • Internal and External Transfers: Move money between your Dieterich Bank accounts or to an external account. This is a convenient way to pay your babysitter or send money to a family member.
  • Manage Card Security: If your debit card is lost or stolen, you can flag it as a “Hot Card” to prevent fraudulent purchases. Then, if you find it, you can activate it again without the hassle of getting a new debit card and having to change your saved card information.
  • E-statements: Reduce paper clutter and access your statement history anytime from Online Banking.
  • Mobile Check Deposit: Save yourself a trip to the bank by depositing checks through our mobile banking app.
  • Personal Financial Manager: A great way to manage your finances and different accounts, budget, set goals, and get a handle on your spending.

Find a bank that offers excellent customer service


Many financial institutions, including online-only banks, offer electronic banking tools. The real test comes when you have a question or problem and need help from a real person.

At Dieterich Bank, we are proud to be Here for Life’s BIG Moments, whether that’s helping you buy your first home or recover from a job loss or other financial setback. When you open a new interest checking account here, you’ll find friendly employees who are ready and eager to help with your banking needs. We live in the same Illinois communities as you do and have been a dedicated community bank since 1909. Today, we remain committed to innovation and growth that meets the needs of our customers. Meet our team and learn about our community involvement.

To experience our excellent service for yourself, contact our Customer Care Center (open six days a week!) or visit one of our branches in Dieterich, Teutopolis, Effingham, Newton, Lake Sara, St. Elmo, Breese, Edwardsville, Belleville, and Red Bud, Illinois.

What other services or perks come with your checking account?


The best high interest checking accounts offer more than a competitive rate. Look for additional perks and services such as:

  • Local branches for the times you do need to go in person.
  • ATM fee refunds
  • Roadside assistance
  • Health Savings Card (HSA)
  • Cell Phone Protection
  • ID Theft Aid
  • Personal Identity Theft Benefit
  • Identity restoration
  • Travel accidental death coverage
  • Local and national discounts with BaZing Savings

 View a complete list of the features and benefits that come with Extreme Green Checking.


What fees are associated with the checking account?


Read the fine print carefully when looking for the best high interest checking account in Illinois. Some interest and rewards checking accounts come with a monthly fee that can be waived if you meet minimum balance requirements. For example, Extreme Green Checking has no charge when your minimum daily balance is above $25,000.

Open a high interest checking account with Dieterich Bank!

If you’re looking to get the most out of your checking account with a competitive interest rate, plus all the bells and whistles, Extreme Green Checking is the best fit for your needs. Ready to get started with Extreme Green Checking? Schedule an appointment to get in touch with a member of the Dieterich Bank team, or learn more about our checking account benefits.