Making a Difference for Those Who Make a Difference in Our Community

At Dieterich Bank, we believe our customers are our community’s best assets.

They’re the entrepreneurs with the dream and the drive to build their businesses right here in our hometown. The caring residents who volunteer to roll up their sleeves and help others. And the everyday leaders with the imagination and dedication to turn innovative ideas into action to make our community the best it can be.

Meet Madi           Meet Trent

Meet Madi

A high school senior, disability advocate, and Dieterich Bank Retail Banker , Madi is striving to break down stereotypes and ensure children of all abilities are represented in the classroom. The Dieterich Bank employees who once volunteered to assist Madi are now thrilled to be working alongside her, watching her confidence soar as she plans her next steps for inspiring kids in our local schools.

Meet Trent

A third-generation auctioneer, Trent wanted to bring farm equipment and machinery buyers from around the globe to his hometown. Dieterich Bank shared his vision, and through our financial support and the power of the Internet, Schmid Auction Company attracts a worldwide audience online while keeping its dollars local.

Make Your Impact

As your neighbor, we want to empower doers like you with the support, opportunities, and advice you need to achieve your dreams, whether you’re starting a business, buying a new home, or saving up for college. Because we know when you thrive, our community does, too!