Hand holding green coins.

Green ¢ents: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green ¢ents?
Green ¢ents is a feature you can add to any Dieterich Bank checking account that will round your debit card purchases up to the nearest dollar amount and put the change into your Dieterich Bank savings account.

What is the criteria to add Green ¢ents?
Customers must have a Dieterich Bank checking account with a debit card and Dieterich Bank savings account. 

How do I sign up for Green ¢ents?
You can sign up by visiting a branch, calling Customer Care at (800) 699-9766 or sending a secure message through Online Banking. 

What happens if my balance in my checking account is negative?
While negative, your debit card purchases will not round up.  

What if my account has more than 1 debit card?
The Green ¢ents feature is assigned at the account level. If your account has more than one debit card, all debit cards will automatically be enrolled in Green ¢ents. 

How do I cancel Green ¢ents?
Any account owner on the checking account can un-enroll this feature.  By un-enrolling, ALL debit cards will discontinue rounding up to the savings account.  You can un-enroll by calling or visiting a branch location, calling Customer Care or sending a secure message through Online Banking. 

When will I see the round up feature in my online banking?
On business days, each individual transaction is rounded up at the end of the day. Weekend point of sale (POS) transactions will show on the following business day. This may mean a 1-2 day delay from the time the transaction was made.

Are there any types of Savings accounts that cannot be used for Green Cents?
Money Market Accounts and Health Savings Accounts are not eligible for Green ¢ents.

Can I round to another checking account?
No, the Green ¢ents feature is one that rounds from a checking to a qualified savings account including Save Green or Christmas Club.