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Check balances, transfer funds, make loan payments, pay bills at anytime, from anywhere using our secure, convenient website or mobile app.

Here are a few great features you will find with Online Banking:

 Cash Management*

 Move Money*


Our cash management services will help save time, streamline processes and offer increased privacy in a secure environment. Transfer funds, make payments electronically, direct deposit payroll and collect payments.

Bill Pay can all be found within our Move Money feature in Digital Banking. Through Move Money, you can send money to businesses, people, and accounts at other financial institutions. 

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Receive your monthly statements electronically and access them anytime you need them. You’ll receive eStatements sooner than regularly mailed statements. There is no need for a filing cabinet, and you will become more environmentally friendly.

 Online Stop Payment Features*

Online Wire Transfers*

Remote Deposit Capture* 

Skip your trip to the Bank when you lose a check or need to cancel a check after it has been written. Instead, do this from your computer 24/7! Save time from completing forms inside the bank, you will now be able to send wire transfers from inside your Online Banking Portal!  Save time, improve funds availability and reduce cost and risk with RDC. Scan your checks at your place of business and deposit them electronically to the bank. It’s fast, safe and convenient.

 Positive Pay*

 Same Day ACH*

Prevent fraudulent items from being paid! This feature will allow you to send us a list of check numbers and amounts that you write. If any checks are not on the list you sent us, the check will be rejected. Learn More. Create and send an ACH file that settles in the same business day! If you forget to pay an employee, no problem...Simply create an ACH file before 10:00 am or 2:30 pm, and your employee will receive credit into their account by close of business!
 * Fees may apply.