Shop. Swipe. SAVE.

Combine your Dieterich Bank savings account with one of our Green Checking accounts to take advantage of even more savings opportunities by adding Green ¢ents.

What is Green ¢ents?

It's like your own personal tip jar!
With Green ¢ents, we’ll automatically round your debit card purchases up to the nearest dollar and drop the change into your savings account. Think of it as a little reward you give yourself!

Use your Dieterich
Bank debit card. 
We'll round up
the change and drop
it into your savings account.
Watch your spare
change grow
into savings!

Here at Dieterich Bank, we love to help you grow your savings. Check out our Digital 100-Envelope Challenge for a creative way to save. 
If you already have a Green Checking Account and a Dieterich Bank savings account, stop by any Dieterich Bank location or contact Customer Care at (800)699-9766 to enroll in Green ¢ents!