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When will online & mobile banking be unavailable?

4:00pm Thursday, July 21 until the morning of July 25

When will ATMs be unavailable? 

  • All ATMs that are at our branch locations will be going offline the morning of Thursday, July 21. These ATMs will all be updated and going back live at different times beginning that morning and continue through the weekend. All ATMs will be back online by Monday, July 25.
  • Customers may access other bank ATM’s or Dieterich Bank Sponsored ATM’s around town.

How can I access my funds during upgrade weekend?

If you need access to your funds during upgrade weekend, you can visit one of our branches, visit an off-site ATM, write checks, or use a debit or credit card.

Are branch hours changing during upgrade weekend?

All branches will be operating with their normal banking hours during upgrade weekend.

Can I use my debit card during upgrade weekend?

Yes, your debit card will work during upgrade weekend; however, your current daily transaction limit and the ATM withdrawal limits will be changed temporarily.

My mobile app is not working. 

  • The mobile app is being updated as well and will be unavailable from 4:00pm Thursday July 21 until the morning of July 25th.
  • On July 25th, you should delete your existing app and download the updated version (the app looks the same). Your username is your existing username and your password will be your existing username + the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Do I need to log in on Online Banking before logging in on the mobile app?

No, you do not need to log in on online banking before logging into the mobile app.

My username/password are incorrect.

If the system is stating that your username/password are incorrect, please click here for the initial login instructions. If you are following our initial login instructions and still not able to login, please call our Customer Care team, (800) 699-9766.

Will my already scheduled bill payments still process during conversion?

Yes, any payments previously scheduled to be processed during the upgrade weekend will be processed as scheduled. You may schedule new payments once internet banking access is available on July 25th.

Will my account number change?

For loans, CD’s, and IRA’s, you may notice a slight revision with your account number. Your new account number can be found in our new online & mobile banking platform or by contacting Customer Care. Neither your checking account, nor your debit card number are changing, so any ACH or scheduled debit card transactions will be unaffected.

Will I need to get a new debit card?

Your existing debit card will continue to work normally after the upgrade. During the
upgrade weekend, purchase and ATM transaction amounts will be temporarily changed.