Dieterich Bank is excited to introduce Green Saving Duo!

This revolutionary, all-new combination of a Savings Account and a CD helps you earn more green! 

Green Savings Duo = Savings Account + CD


Savings Account

Earn 0.55% APY

No commitment, total liquidity.
  • $25 Minimum Balance
  • Savings balance can be equal to or less than your CD balance.
  • These funds can be withdrawn.
  • You may only deposit to this account in conjunction with a deposit to a Duo CD.


Earn 0.85% APY 

A low-risk, high-yield investment.
  • 16-Month Term
  • $5,000 Minimum Deposit
  • Early Withdrawal Penalty

 *APY= Annual Percentage Yield. Rate effective as of September 27, 2023. Savings rate subject to change after account opening. Minimum deposit to open savings, and minimum balance to avoid fees = $25. Fees could reduce earnings. Withdrawals on savings limited to 6 per month. CD early withdrawal penalty is 365 days..