Easily move your money between Dieterich Bank accounts, accounts at other banks, to individuals or to pay your bills just by using our Move Money feature on Digital Banking!

Bill Pay   External Transfers    P2P

Bill Pay: 

Bill Pay allows you to pay anyone or any company through your digital banking account. You determine who you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and which account you want the payment to come from. It’s safe, secure, and easy to use.

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External Transfers: 

Moving money between difference financial institutions has never been so easy! Use our External Transfers feature located inside the Move Money feature in digital banking, and you can save yourself multiple bank trips!

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P2P (Person to Person): 

Person to Person payments makes sending and receiving money as easy as emailing and texting! Moving money via Person to Person allows you to quickly transfer money from your existing debit account to almost anyone.

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Which Feature Should I Use? 

Sometimes it seems that these 3 categories can overlap, and determining which money moving feature to use can become difficult and confusing. Reference the following for more guidance on which feature to use:

  • Are you transferring money to another bank account either at Dieterich Bank or another financial institution? Use External Transfers
  • Are you paying a bill from a company? Use Bill Pay
  • Are you paying an individual person? Use P2P

Our Customer Care Team is also always eager to help determine the best solution for our customers. Just give them a call at (800) 699-9766, and they would be happy to help you!