Commercial Real Estate Financing Solutions

It's always exciting when your business is growing, but sometimes that means you need to change or upgrade your business's current space. If you need some help looking for a new location, turn to your best bank for your business loan -- Dieterich Bank.

As your local community bank, your best interests are our top priority. We provide a variety of financing options so we can better help your business flourish. Learn more about the different types of commercial loans we offer below.


Construction Loans

Sometimes the perfect building doesn’t exist – but the perfect location does. If you’ve found a great spot, but the building doesn’t suit your needs, why not build your own building, or expand the building already there?

We understand a construction project is a large undertaking, but as an investment it can be worth it to have a fully customized space that's perfect for your business’s needs. Let us finance your project, so your great location can also become a great building.

When you’re ready to start the financing your construction project, talk to us. Our professional loan officers can help you through the whole commercial lending process and will make sure you get a deal that will leave you confident you made the right decision.

For the most current commercial real estate loan rates, call or visit us today.

Term Loans

When your financial needs require a single, large purchases, our term loans can help you affordably get anything your business needs. From equipment financing to purchasing more real estate to improving your working capital, you’ll enjoy low, fixed interest rates and a stable monthly repayment schedule.

Term loans are highly flexible in their purpose, but also have the advantage of a set maturity date. You’ll know exactly how much you owe each month and when it will be all paid off. This makes it ideal for one-time purchases or the rare expense you don’t expect to happen regularly.

If you need extra funds on a regular basis, we also offer operating lines of credit, which allows you to borrow what you need up to a credit limit and pay interest only on what you borrow. It’s a great way to prepare for seasonal costs and even unexpected emergencies.

Additionally, if the term loan you need is for land or equipment related to farming and agriculture, we offer that, too! We understand how important agriculture is to the local economy and have served ag clients for almost a century. Learn more about our ag lending options.

Our experienced loan officers are ready to help you get the loan best suited to your current situation and needs. All you have to do is give us a call or stop by your local branch to get started.

Capital Improvement Loans

Sometimes your existing business needs a helping hand, and that’s okay! That’s what your friends at Dieterich Bank are here for.

When you’re ready to expand your existing space or make some repairs, let us help you finance it. Whether it’s an expanded storage space, a remodeled front room or restoring a damaged piece of architecture, a Capital Improvement Loan from Dieterich Bank can help make your vision possible. 

We know how important local businesses are to the community. Let us guide you through the tough times so your business can come out bigger and stronger. Swing by the branch or give us a call when you need some extra funding.