Equipment Loan

Maybe in the old days you would work the land with just a little elbow grease, but in this day and age it takes a lot of tools and equipment to get the job done — and that can cost quite a bit. Let us help you get the tools you need with an Equipment Loan. We'll set you up with an affordable loan and payments that fit your budget.

Real Estate Loan

Of course, you can't work the land without some land to work. So if you're looking to purchase some real estate come see your friends at Dieterich Bank. We will get you started!

Farm Operating Line of Credit

Planting the seeds of a successful business doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes you need a helping hand to purchase farm equipment or to cover operating costs. With an Operating Line of Credit, you no longer have to apply for each individual loan. Instead, you can enjoy access to these funds whenever you need them, so you can pay for big purchases or save for the future.