As your tween moves into their teen years, they’ll likely be looking for any opportunity to take on some more independence and responsibility. And with that comes greater control over their finances. While they may not have a large bank balance at this point, it’s essential that you help prepare them with the right financial tools in place.

A student account is one of the best ways to empower them to manage their money effectively and establish their financial future in South Central, Illinois. When you’re looking for the best checking accounts for teenagers, you want to find something that goes beyond the basics and offers a well-rounded solution for your teenager.


Building Independence and Responsibility

A teenage-focused account, like the Dieterich student account, helps your young people foster a sense of ownership and accountability for their own finances. Having their own account gives them the opportunity to learn how to track deposits and withdrawals whenever they use their money.

This is also a great way to learn about budgeting, particularly if they’re receiving a regular allowance or income from a part-time job. Having their own account allows them to build confidence and prepares them for their future financial decisions—the good habits and behaviors they learn now will set them up well for managing great financial responsibility as adults.

You may have already spent many years teaching your child important money-based habits, like understanding the value of a dollar, how to save for something they want to buy, and even how to spend and save responsibly so that they can give back to causes that matter to them. 

Having their own bank account, though, mainly if this is the first time they’ve opened one, is an essential step towards adulthood. Learning how to manage their own money can be a steep learning curve and a significant jump from those early money lessons you taught them. 

But with a student account, both you and your teeanger can rest assured knowing that their hard-earned cash is protected and that they can begin to explore both independence and financial responsibility in a safe, managed environment.

Smart Debit Card Use

A ready-to-use debit card means there’s no waiting around to use the money in their account. When your teen’s debit card is made when they open their account, they can start using it immediately.

A student debit card can be used for convenient purchasing wherever they go, teaching them responsible debit card usage. They’ll learn to track their spending to avoid going into overdraft and draining their account while also understanding the importance of a debit card within their existing account balance.

Early Savings Habits

A student account also helps them foster a sense of ownership and power over their savings. With features like interest-bearing accounts, your teenager can watch their money grow over time. Even with a small amount of money saved, interest will accumulate, and they’ll learn how this process works. This helps them to visualize the power of compound interest, a key financial learning that will benefit them in the future.

They’ll be able to see how their savings can grow steadily over time and allow them to save for specific goals, whether that’s a new phone, a gaming console, or even a down payment for their first car. At Dieterich Bank, our student account allows teenagers to define their savings goals and track their progress toward them. 

Developing good financial decision-making skills at this early stage is vital for setting your teenager up for the future. Their new account can help them build a sense of accomplishment as they work towards their goals, encouraging them to save and spend responsibly. 

By managing the account themselves, your teenager learns to prioritize needs versus wants, make informed spending choices, and avoid unnecessary impulse purchases.

Dieterich Bank Online and Mobile Banking

At Dieterich Bank, our user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms allow teenagers to manage their finances on the go. Like our standard accounts, they can check balances, transfer funds from other accounts, and even pay their own bills with parental guidance. All of this can be done at the convenience of their smartphone or computer.

Account Features

For your young adult aged 14 to 22, we offer an interest-earning account that gives them rewards and is available at their convenience. With low minimum balance requirements and only a $3 monthly fee, your teen can easily start their financial journey.

We also offer convenient ATM access, with up to $12 a month in ATM fee refunds, allowing your young adult to access their money anywhere without the worry of extra charges.

Parental Controls and Security Peace of Mind

With built-in parental controls, you can monitor your teen’s account activity at any time. Robust security measures, including fraud protection and multi-factor authentication, are designed to keep their money and personal details safe.

Financial Literacy

Good financial literacy is more than knowing how to balance a checkbook—it’s a critical life skill that empowers teenagers and young adults to make informed financial decisions and achieve long-term financial well-being.

With support from the Council for Economic Education, we can help guide your teenager in the right direction and provide them with financial education to support them where they are now and as they grow into adulthood. 

From understanding how loans work to finding the right banking solutions for them and their situation, we’re here to help them get on and stay on the path to financial success.

Dieterich Bank: Your Community Bank

As a local Dieterich bank, we have a long-standing commitment to fostering financial well-being in residents of all ages, including teenagers and young adults! By choosing Dieterich Bank for your teenager’s student account, you’re partnering with a local community bank dedicated to their success right here in Dieterich, Illinois.

Ready to Open a Student Account and Empower Your Teen’s Financial Future?

When your teenager is ready to open their own account and take control of their personal finances, visit your nearest Dieterich Bank branch or explore our website to learn more about student accounts and how we can help your teenager build a bright financial future.