Debit Card

When you need access to your funds, there's no easier way to get it than with a SHAZAMChek Debit Card. Swipe it like a credit card to use it in any store, or use it in any ATM to get cash. Funds are automatically deducted directly from your account.

Having a SHAZAMChek Card is more secure than actual cash in your pocket, and more widely accepted than checks. It's all the purchasing power of a credit card without monthly service fees or finance charges. It's also an excellent way to track business expenses.

It's the height of convenience!

Debit Card
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Use it just like a credit card
  • Get cash from any ATM
  • More convenient than a check
  • Safer than cash
  • Funds immediately deducted from account
  • No finance charges or monthly fees